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Spinal Arthritis & Spondylosis


We will determine the underlying cause of your pain and treat it with the latest, proven, minimally invasive methods.

We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your condition, then develop and implement a detailed treatment plan designed specifically to address your concerns and treat your pain.


In addition to a physical examination and thorough discussion of the pain you’re experiencing and your medical history, we have an array of tests and imaging to help diagnose the source of your pain: x-ray, MRI, CT scans, blood test (to detect infection or viruses), bone scan, discography, and nerve studies such as electromyography.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for spinal arthritis can be maintained through physical therapy and proper medications.

Our offices have professional care providers that will set you up with a one-on-one schedule and tailored plan o make sure you are back in control of your life.